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About GoddessMonroe


Choose GoddessMonroe as the Goddess who will help you explore the mysterious realm of BDSM. She is a powerful Gorgeous ebony Domme with a unique and versatile style rather She is covered in latex or wearing enticing lingerie, Styling a pair of platforms or a pair of High Heels Her Exotic Beauty is ravishing.

She is Sweet and Sensual yet dont let her kindness fool you!

For behind her sweet laughter Lies A Cruel Sadist.

she's known for having a wild side and being full of adventure.

She enjoys using her creative thinking skills to come up with new 

task and training courses for her ever growing stable of bitchboyz.

for over 2years she's bee studying the world of kink and has not only become a successful findomme but a prodomme who host many types of sessions in the Detroit area.

Goddessmonroe only allows the most submissive and obedient men in her space. When in a room with  \her you are sure to kneel she loves to create an atmosphere full of suspense and anticipation.

Not only does her beauty cause you to goon but you cant help but become captivated by her alluring spunky personality. She's been using her stunning beauty and charming personality to get what she wants from men  for over 10 years. Men fall to her feet like flies. 

When approaching her approach accordingly, as you  are a expendable slave in her eyes and she's sure to get what she wants regardless.


“The Key To Submission Is Me”


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